Aranow FS1000 Machine Models Flat Sachet

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Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical

Sterile/Non Sterile

Non Sterile


Sachet, Stickpack

High production multilane machine for packaging any type of product of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products into a flat sachet

The fs1000 is a high production flat sachet multilane machine designed to cover the needs of the Food, Beverage, Cosmetic and Chemical industries. With unlimited custom possibilities, it can be adapted to work with any type of product – regardless of whether it is in pieces, granular, powder or liquid form. With a simple and compact design, it offers a free access without tools to main components, allows a fast and easy changeover and it is built up with high resistance and long durability components. All this helps to reduce downtimes and drives to an OEE over 95%.


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