Brevetti Angela Blow Fill Seal Technology for LVP SYFPAC

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SYFPAC® is an acronym for “System for Filling Parenterals Aseptically into Containers of plastic materials”, while LVP stands for “Large Volume Parenterals.”

SYFPAC® LVP is specifically designed for containers which have a fill volume typically between 50 ml up to 2500 ml for aseptic primary packaging of: Intravenous solutions, solutions for irrigation, disinfectants, liquid soaps, solutions for continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), oral dosage, and antibiotics.

Special filling systems can be developed to package pastes, creams, thixotropic substances, suspensions, substances which set very quickly, substances which need protection from light and from atmospheric oxygen.

Temperature of the liquid while filling should be typically between 4°C to 30°C. Modified systems can be developed to handle liquids at higher temperature.

Among our recent developments is a container which is self collapsible. As self collapsible containers do not need an air vent it does not suck in ambient air during dispensing, this helps in avoiding one of the most common causes of contamination during dispensing of the intravenous fluids in hospitals.

Product Detail

In the field of large volume parenteral, plastic bottles made on Blow Fill Seal machines are rapidly replacing the conventional glass bottles. One of the foremost reasons is that BFS technology can produce very high quality packaging at a very reasonable cost. The process of blow moulding, filling and sealing is fast and occur under protected environment making it one of the cleanest technologies for packaging intravenous fluids.

Added to this there are several other advantages, which make BFS a preferred process:
• bottles can be made from PP, PE or HDPE. This gives wide choice of material to suit cost, availability of packaging material, choice of sterilization temperature and compatibility with the fluid being packed.
• these containers being light weight and virtually unbreakable, can be transported with ease without any loss during transportation.
• using new design, with low thickness and suitable shape, bottles can be made self collapsible like flexible bags. Such bottles have all the advantages of bag but without the disadvantage of high cost. These bottles do not need an air vent during administration and thus are preferred by medical staff.
• today the polymer suitable for making large volume parenteral containers is easily available in all parts of world. These materials are compatible in accordance with US, EU and other pharmacopeias and have been tested, approved and certified for the packaging of parenterals.
• our PATENTED ECO head bottle design allow further reduction of the cost by eliminating the necessity of additional closure called Euro Head cap. This allows a steep reduction in the cost of bottles.