Brevetti Angela Blow Fill Seal Technology for SVP SYFPAC

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Sterile/Non Sterile




SYFPAC® is an acronym for “System for Filling Parenterals Aseptically into Containers of plastic materials”, while SVP stands for “Small Volume Parenterals.”

The SYFPAC® SVP machine was specifically designed for containers which have a filled volume between 0.25 ml up to 50 ml, for aseptic primary packaging of: Injectable solutions, ophthalmologic preparations, ear drops, preparations for aerosol therapy, respules, disinfectants, diluents, antibiotics and solutions for reconstitution.

Special filling systems can be developed to package pastes, creams, thixotropic substances, suspensions, substances which set very quickly and substances which need protection from light and from atmospheric oxygen.

Temperature of the liquid while filling should be typically between 4°C to 30°C. Modified systems can be developed to handle liquids at higher temperature.

Small volume containers made from plastic using BFS technology present several advantages compared to conventional glass ampoules and vials. Plastic containers are much more convenient and safe to use as they are shatter proof and when opened, do not expose sharp edges. These containers being light weight and virtually unbreakable, can be transported with ease without any loss during transportation. In most cases, either PE or PP is mainly used for making these containers and both the materials are non toxic and compatible with several pharmaceutical substances in accordance with Pharmacopoeia. Both PP and PE are recyclable and environment friendly.


Product Detail

Plastic moulding permits the making of intricate shapes and forms. As a result, the opening and head shape can be customised for different applications. For example:
• luer Lock or Luer fit type of container allows for a connection and the direct withdrawal of the product by syringe.
• containers with long and narrow nozzles with twist off tab can be used for eye and or ear drops.
• calibrated drops can be dispensed using plastic inserts before closure.
• special reclosable twist off heads allows reuse of the container.
• multi dose containers can be made using threaded heads to fit caps.
• use of single use eye and ear drop, aerosol, and injectable is becoming more and more popular. Most of these single use containers are made using BFS technology.