CAM Carton AV

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Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical

Sterile/Non Sterile



Alu-Alu, Blister, Bottle, Jar, Pot, Tube

Product Detail

The vertical intermittent motion AV cartoner has been designed by CAM offering the user an extremely compact and versatile machine available with short lead time at a reasonable price, which is capable of guaranteeing high performance linked to its simplicity of use and maintenance.
Carton pick-off and erection carried-out by means of a mobile blade which inserts into the carton pre-opening it before completely erecting and inserting it between the transfer lugs, allows low grammage board to be used even when handling square-section formats or cartons with glueing and creasing imperfections. The ample space available in the product feeding area, allows for more than one operator to be employed if the machine is to be used for manual feeding. The cantilevered transfer of cartons into the product introduction area, guarantees ideal location of the operators in addition to allowing cleaning to be carried-out with ease.
The vertical introduction of products makes the AV machine particularly suitable for handling cartons into which horizontal positioning would create problems in guaranteeing the final required configuration inside the carton, or would alter the final presentation.
CAM has developed a complete range of automatic product feeding systems responding to any packaging requirement, which can also be installed onto supplied machines.