Chinyi ACF-70 Automatic Capsule Filler Machine

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Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical

Sterile/Non Sterile

Non Sterile



Capsule Filler Machine Introduction :

  • Tamping filling, get better accuracy and more average weight.
  • Vacuum pump using German-made dry pump, oil-free to gain the usage of the pump, it also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Filling weight adjustable.
  • Additional large filter to gain the filter effect making the longer usage of the pump and little maintaining, cleaning.
  • Fills the powders that run un-smoothly, such as Ganoderma Lucidum, pollen, and royal jelly, etc.
  • Good quality, easy maintaining and operation.
  • IQ/OQ documents are available.

Product Detail

Automatic Capsule Filler Machine is described station by station :

  1. Empty capsules are fed from a storage hopper to the rectifier inserted with the aid of vacuum into one of the 12 sets of carrier segments, each holding 7 empty capsules.
  2. The upper carrier segment goes down and pushes out.
  3. The upper carrier segment goes back.
  4. The upper carrier segment goes back completely. (This station is the option for pellet or tablet filling.)
  5. Powder slug pushing into the capsule bodies. If there’s no capsule in the segment, then the slug falls into the collecting tray.
  6. This station is the option for pellet or tablet filling.
  7. Space.
  8. un-separate or upside-down capsules are pushing out at this station.
  9. Upper carrier segment pushing out.
  10. Upper and lower carrier segments closed and the joining rods pushing the capsules bodies go up and lock the capsules.
  11. Pushing out the finishing capsules.
  12. Vacuum suction the carriers, and ready for another rotation.


  1. Powder Hopper
  2. Dosing Plunger
  3. Dosing Chamber
  4. Faulty Rejection
  5. Capsule Hopper
  6. Capsule Magazine
  7. Product Outlet
  8. Capsule Joining Station