ECM ECTC-120 Electronic Tablet / Capsule Counting Machine

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Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical

Sterile/Non Sterile

Non Sterile


Bottle, Pot

  1. Electronic Tablet/Capsule Counter
  2. High-speed infrared sensor
  3. Sensor self-calibration
  4. Individual shutter operation
  5. Automatic feed control
  6. 24 channel twin funnel
  7. Toolless designed
  8. 21CFR part 11 (option)

Product Detail

Capacity 12,000 tablets per minutes. (Based on 8Ø uncoated tablet) – Actual production speed is subject to bottle neck size as well as product shape and size.
Bottle Size Diameter: 30~100mm, Height: 50~180mm
Dimension 3,000(L) x 1,700(W) x 1,800(H)mm
Weight 1000kg (Approx.)