EKATO Solidmix - Vertical Pharma Vacuum Blender

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Industrial Mixers for Free-Flowing Goods and Bulk Solids

When mixing solids, especially bulk goods, the mixing quality plays a central role. EKATO SYSTEMS offers plants that allow a high homogeneity of the product – from laboratory to production scale.

With the vertical mixer for solids of the SOLIDMIX product line, EKATO SYSTEMS offers customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental industries a package tailored to their requirements. Typical applications in mixing technology include fine chemicals, pigments, fertilizers, metal powders and polymer additives. The scope of delivery can range from a single vessel to a complete processing unit. The following basic operations are typically included in the SOLIDMIX system: Each SOLIDMIX system can be specifically adapted to any process need and can fulfill many mixing tasks from small to large industrial standards.

  • Mixing (patented EKATO ISOPAS or EKATO SOLIDS-PARAVISC impeller)
  • Automation
  • Cleaning in place (CIP) cleaning system

Vertical mixer for solids

  • Scale-up from pilot to production scale
  • Effective mixing guarantees short process times
  • Minimal residue ensures high productivity

Product Detail

Vertical Mixer for Solids Type SOLIDMIX VSM (100 l to 32,000 l)

The solid mixers of the SOLIDMIX VSM series are particularly suitable for mixing free-flowing goods. The drive shaft is free-overhung and no product-wetted bearings are inside the vessel itself. In addition, the small wall clearance between the impeller and the vessel wall prevents product residues. The product is moved upwards close to the wall and flows downwards in the center. The vessel geometry with the conical bottom and the EKATO SOLIDS-PARAVISC impeller are designed for an almost complete emptying of the vessel with minimum yield rates.

Optionally, various system components can be offered:

  • CIP systems
  • ATEX versions from Zone 0 to Zone 2



The SOLIDS-PARAVISC impeller, especially designed for this unit type, enables reliable operation with low maintenance and excellent mixing. The power input is designed for high energy efficiency and thus allows high vertical mixing. In addition, the product is gently mixed with a minimal shearing effect. The special design of the EKATO SOLIDS-PARAVISC ensures a high mixing quality in the shortest possible time – even for large volumes.


Vertical Process Mixer Type SOLIDMIX VPM (50 L to 6,300 L)
The vertical process mixer of the SOLIDMIX VPM series with the EKATO ISOPAS impeller ensures intensive mixing and is particularly suitable for the mixing of liquid to viscous and pasty products. The mixing shaft is free-overhung; no bearing is in contact with the product. The respective product is moved upwards close to the wall and flows downwards in the center. The container geometry with the conical bottom and the EKATO ISOPAS impeller allow for almost complete emptying of the mixing vessel.
Optionally for the SOLIDMIX VPM various system components can be offered:

ATEX versions from Zone 0 to Zone 2



The EKATO ISOPAS impeller is vital for efficient and effective mixing. Especially designed for the SOLIDMIX VPM series, this agitator enables intensive axial mixing at a low power input. The adhesion of product residues is avoided by a very small wall clearance.