Hongdau Fluid Bed Dryer HT-02 HT-600

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Food, Pharmaceutical

Sterile/Non Sterile

Non Sterile




Chinese medicine, herbal, biochemical and food powder drying.
Raw material Chinese medicine and herbal drying.


Model Container Capacity Output-Drying
HT-02 16 L 6 kg
HT-05 25 L 10 kg
HT-20 72 L 28 kg
Ht-30 130 L 50 kg
HT-50 187 L 65 kg
HT-80 363 L 150 kg
HT-120 500 L 215 kg
HT-200 700 L 305 kg
HT-300 1050 L 410 kg
HT-400 1200 L 500 kg
HT-500 1500 L 600 kg

Product Detail

  • Various powders and granules drying process, the main ingredients of medicine are added for granulation, and the Chinese herbal medicine concentrate is spray-dried and granulated.
  • Spray dry of biochemical fluid, dairy product and spice.
  • Granulation of chemical material.
  • Granulation of mineral material.
  • Special drying with low temperature and low humid.
  • Can provide with high shear mixer, automatic discharge, blender.
  • Can be provided with dry and wet granulator.
  • Meets requirements of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA.