Kentex TK850-HA/HAO Tube Filling for Plastic

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Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical

Sterile/Non Sterile

Non Sterile


Jar, Pot, Tube


  1. Mechanical transmission
  2. Reinforcement structure
  3. Smooth operation and fast production speed
  4. Stable and accurate filling
  5. cGMP standards
  6. Easy replacement of different tube sizes, simple operation
  7. Hot air sealing mechanism is used to ensure the quality of products in the tube
  8. Multiple sealing styles

Product Detail


Application PE & Laminated Tube
Speed Max 60 tubes/min
Tube DIA ø10-ø50 tube length including cap 230mm
Filling Volume 2-320 ml
Filling Accuracy ±0.5% (base on 100ml)
Main Motor 2HP (1.5KW)
Weight Net.850kgs /Gr1100kgs
Air Compressor 6 bar
Air Consumption 800 L / min



Pharmaceutical Ointment, hair dye
Cosmetics Face Cleanser, Lotion, Mask, Lip Gloss
Chemical SILICONE, toothpaste
Food Chocolate Sauce, Wasabi Sauce, Tomato Sauce
Filling Accuracy ±0.5% (base on 100ml)
Hose Type Plastic tube / laminated tube
Low, medium and high viscosity products Product Range