SIEBLER GOERING - 4 Side Heat Seal Catch Cover Type 5900

Additional information



  • Catch Cover machine
  • The strips are inserted in pre folded envelopes, the envelopes are cut to the requested length of catch cover

Product Detail

Working mode Catch Over
Working Range Length of envelopes up to 300 mm, height 60 up to 100 mm
Materials Envelopes of carton or foil
Output approx. 40 envelopes/min
Output up to 150 cycles per min., depending on product
Control PLC B&R
Current 400 Volt, 50 Hz (optional 60 Hz), N, PE, approx. 3 kVA
Air Consumption 4-6 bar, approx. 50 NL
Weight approx. 500 kg